datango performance suite becomes open customer-focused platform for digital training


PARIS AG opens up roadmap for its proven EPSS and e-learning solution, securing a unique position on the global market

datango performance suite becomes open customer-focused platform for digital training

Kaarst, 6th September 2016 – The “datango performance suite” (dps) EPSS and e-learning solution from PARIS AG has turned into a platform that is designed by customers for customers. The authoring tool for digital training is thus the only solution on the market to use the “by users for users” approach. A public roadmap council made up of customers will decide on an ongoing basis on further product developments, creating a dynamic solution that is always in line with current user and market needs.

“We don’t develop laboratory features that have little to do with real-world customer problems and requirements. Instead, we see our customers as long-term partners who make a valuable contribution to our solution enhancements. It’s a win-win situation,” explains Sebastian Grodzietzki, Chief Growth Officer (CGO) at PARIS AG. He adds, “Lots of customers complain that other providers don’t listen to their product needs and functional requirements once the contract has been signed. We want to be in close personal contact with our customers. That’s why our customers will be shaping the dps roadmap from now on.”

The datango performance suite (dps) is an electronic performance support system (EPSS) and e-learning solution. With dps, users can learn how to use applications like CRM, ERP, MS Office etc. and software updates during their everyday business. Besides documenting and simulating processes, dps is an easy-to-use authoring tool that guides employees in any department through digital and non-IT work processes in a context-sensitive manner. As a result, companies are enabled to digitise, automate and accelerate business processes much more easily and on a much broader scale. Training costs and error rates can be reduced and, ultimately, business results can be optimised. In addition, dps is being continuously developed in the direction of an open cognitive automation platform.

Giving customers and partners a say in the dps roadmap and further development of the product ensures that product improvements are geared to actual employee and training needs faced by customers and other companies. Software and other training and rollout projects can therefore be implemented even more efficiently and employees quickly learn how to handle them – regardless of the business process or software involved.

“This new crowd-based Social Roadmapping 4.0 that we are introducing will receive further smart inputs from our PARIS Innovation Lab,” says Sebastian Grodzietzki. “Its purpose is to drive targeted co-innovation and co-development with customers and partners in the area of smart offices, smart factories and other Internet of Things settings.”

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