PARIS AG receives 4th award in a row – German Business Awards

PARIS AG has already received its fourth award this year. The innovative company recently won in the category “Best Segment-of-One Education Solution Provider 2017”, awarded by the German Business Awards, part of the European Business Program. PARIS AG owes its nomination not least to the enormous progress and innovations within the datango performance suite (dps).

The German Business Award 2017, organised by the EU Business News, aims to highlight companies that stand out from the crowd. The award recognizes the achievements and service that the award-winning companies have achieved in the past 12 months beyond their previous achievements.

datango in use for knowledge and competence management

With the datango solution, users can learn how to work with applications such as CRM, ERP, MS Office etc. and, for example, updates that literally come out of the cloud overnight. The “dps” documents and simulates processes, is an easy-to-use authoring tool for everyone to create content and navigates employees in every department through digital and non-IT workflows. In this way, business processes can be digitized and automated in a much broader and simpler way, training efforts and error rates can be reduced and ultimately business results can be optimized. With datango, it is also possible to create and deliver exactly the content and learning methods and formats that each individual employee picks up exactly where he or she stands personally in order to maximize the effectiveness of knowledge transfer across the company.

“As a provider with over 20 years of experience in the industry, we know exactly what our customers’ needs and requirements are. Especially in the course of digitalization, companies with datango always have a reliable tool at their side when implementing their very individual strategy”, explains Markus Rosskothen, Managing Director of PARIS AG.

Innovative corporate culture

In addition to dps, PARIS has developed a bot suite that supports corporate and everyday workflows. Bots are already integrated as prototypes in some companies today and will soon become valuable assistants to people in their daily work as well as in their private lives. This innovative corporate culture within PARIS AG contributed significantly to the modern advancements of dps and thus to the award.

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