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Meet us at Oracle Open World! The Future of Oracle Application Training and Process Documentation

Oracle User Productivity Kit (UPK) sunsetting by 2022

Oracle announced that its authoring solution UPK, aimed at developing training materials, process documentation and increasing user productivity for Oracle applications is coming to an end. After the feature freeze in 2015 and an initially announced sunset by 2019, Oracle extended the Premier Support until 2022 which will give Oracle customers and partners the chance for a transition.



Now, what does that mean for you?
Besides UPK’s already existing lack of support for latest operating system and browser versions, what of course is going to become even more severe until the end of the maintenance period, the product has not been enhanced with new innovations since 2015 while its competitors of course have had.

As an Oracle UPK customer you are directly affected by that situation and might already have experienced security and compliance issues in addition to the given integration issues.
Also, all your content that has been created by instructional designers, SMEs, business consultants, further experts and entire project teams might become worthless without getting any kind of support or updates by Oracle.

What to do now?
Transition to an experienced, market leading, vendor that provides you with an innovative and easy to use alternative solution.
datango - as one of the market leaders in the enterprise education, rollout support and process documentation space in Europe for more than 20 years, we are serving customers and partners across all industries and sizes. datango provides highly innovative capabilities to introduce employees quickly and sustainably into new or changed business processes and applications, and enables your workforce on any change. In addition to formal and informal training, the solution supports employees in a context-sensitive manner directly on the job and in real time to drive highly efficient enablement initiatives.

By using a specifically designed content converter for Oracle UPK, switching to datango saves already made investments as it‘s possible to continue editing and distributing all the content already created with UPK.

Furthermore, the datango solution provides innovative and additional possibilities, far beyond the Oracle UPK feature set. The following comparison between UPK and datango provides you with a first high-level overview – for a detailed demo, please get in touch at any time, using the contact form or send us an email to:

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