8 May, 2020

Learning Management System


The "Learning Experience Platform" offers you

a comprehensive tool for content management that allows

  • Publish learning content quickly and easily
  • learner-oriented learning contents and
  • to make courses available to the employees.


The datango collaborator - collaboration in content creation

With the datango collaborator you get a learning content management platform.

Effectively and transparently organize the collaboration in content creation between authors (learning content creators).

The datango collaborator serves as a central platform for your authors, education officers and knowledge managers.

Tasks can not only be assigned and categorized within the author team, but also prioritized and tracked.

With the central knowledge library you make your company knowledge with structured learning content available to all employees.

  • User administration incl. user interfaces
    • Transfer of user- and AD structures
    • Roles & Authorizations
  • Content-Management
    • datango Media Center
  • Task Management
    • Collaboration of the authors

The datango academy – Learning Management System

With the datango academy you manage your learning content and learning processes.

You have a wide range of possibilities to make the learning content available:
To all employees role-based, time-controlled at a certain time or recurring, in courses or in courses with learning sequences.

datango academy enables you to map all learning or training units and courses as separate courses.

Approval workflows for courses and event-driven e-mail notifications are central components of the solution.

With the datango academy you also have the possibility to accompany the learner step by step through his or her completing courses or you can provide a complete overview.

With knowledge tests / quizzes and numerous design features (including gamification) you can test what your employees have learned. Set your own limits as to when a knowledge check is successful. When designing the tests, you can make use of numerous features (multiple choice, gap text tests, etc.). Even randomly chosen questions can be easily displayed.

Automated with the successful knowledge tests you create a certificate and have it digitally available for your employees.

  • Digital learning (user-based, time and location independent)
  • Blended learning with digital learning content for preparation or follow-up
  • Extensive course management
  • Realization of compulsory courses
  • Course implementation, knowledge tests or quizzes for certificate creation
  • Notifications also for "non-Windows" users

The datango analyzer - evaluation and vulnerability analysis

The datango analyzer is a comprehensive evaluation tool that is mainly used for (anonymous) learning progress control and for documentation purposes.

It serves to optimize your learning content and to document the learning progress of your participants.

In the context of knowledge transfer, it is advantageous to collect (anonymized) data on learning behavior and learning results. On the basis of this information, the company can optimize both its learning processes and its learning content in the sense of a continuous improvement process and thus constantly improve learning efficiency.

An implemented vulnerability analysis enables you to separately evaluate the provided learning content. You can - especially in the context of IT training - evaluate the processes for quality and learning behavior and derive essential information for your optimization of the learning content.

  • Analysis of learning content
  • Evaluation per content or per learner
  • Vulnerabilities of the learning content
  • Proof of completed courses
  • Anonymization is possible