8 May, 2020

Context-sensitive live help


datango live! is the central contact point for content distribution, as well as for the administration.

The context & application sensitive user help recognizes in real time which application is being used and provides the end user fully automatically

  • relevant learning content
  • Documentation
  • Live help


With only 2 clicks, users receive relevant help at the moment of need:


datango live! is always in the foreground of your screen, thus always in the field of vision of the end user and identifies in which application and in which context work is currently being done. Based on this information, datango live! automatically provides all relevant created content that is for the end user. All media types, different eLearning modes & documentation, whether created with datango or any other solution, can be linked and started immediately in a browser or in datango live!


datango live! offers besides the retrieval of content also a Content Request Funktion“, to request the creation of non-existent learning content directly from the responsible authors. In addition, there is the possibility to send an individual feedback for each created course unit directly to the author team. This gives your employees the opportunity to actively participate in improving your eLearning management instead of just consuming the learning content.


Companies are increasingly confronted with the challenge of having to use different software for almost every core process. The adaptability of datango live! allows you to combine our solution with existing systems. For example, you can connect datango live! to your ticket system, so that your employees can directly send an error message with screenshot using the ticket request function, without having to switch between applications. This allows you to take the Learner Experience to a whole new level.