9 June, 2016


The datango performance suite

The datango performance suite supports your software rollouts, upgrades and ongoing operations. Our authoring solution enables you to create various documentation formats and training materials, helping you to implement the necessary change management and quickly enhance the performance of your users – whether you use SAP, MS Office, in-house developments or other applications.

Key features of the datango performance suite:

  • Automatic recording of your processes simply during process execution

  • Automatic creation of various output formats from a single process recording:

    • Process documentation

    • Training manuals

    • E-learning modules

    • Real-time help in the live system

    • and more

  • Automatic localization/translation of your contents

  • Workflow-guided content creation for authoring teams

  • Integrated LMS for developing and assigning courses to learners

  • Comprehensive reporting on the development of contents and learning success

Overview of our solutions

Our technology has versatile applications – for your software rollout, your change management project, process documentation, and enhanced user performance.

Software rollout

Limited time, an international project team, different target languages, extensive content: no problem for our technology. Are you on the verge of a software rollout for your company? Or planning an update in the near future? With datango performance suite, you can significantly accelerate the entire rollout process with little effort and thus considerably reduce the time frame and project costs. Typically, a software implementation has several phases and is carried out by an interdisciplinary project team working in different parts of the world. After one-time recording of your business processes, our technology supports you by automatically generating everything you need:

  • Test scripts
  • E-learning sequences
  • Training material
  • Navigation

…to name just a few.

Change Management

System changes, new modules, confusion for end users. There is only one constant in business-critical systems: permanent change. When implementing a new application or upgrading to a new release, familiar routine procedures are affected. End users often need to change their approach entirely after a system change – our technology creates the enthusiasm required in such a situation. Our datango performance suite guides you throughout the entire process.

  • Do end users need to recognize clearly where changes have been made after a release upgrade? Our technology takes care of that, making it clear for every user.
  • Is each end user able to learn to handle the new software at his or her own pace? No problem, every user can practice according to his or her individual needs in the automatically generated simulation environment.
  • Are you wary of change processes? Trust us and our experience from more than 500 projects.

datango performance suite guides you during the entire change process, accelerates it significantly, keeps all materials, test scripts, etc. up to date, reduces face-to-face training by up to 30%, lowers project costs and ensures that you can concentrate on the essentials.

User performance

Whether you have 100 or 10,000 end users – datango is flexible. Even the best software is only as good as its end users! With our technology you can prevent serious input errors and always train your users efficiently, even if fluctuation is high. With datango performance suite you can create the optimal training environment by automatically generating and updating

  • All training materials in roughly 40 languages
  • E-learning sequences such as demonstrations, exercises or tests
  • Context-sensitive navigation in the live system
  • Quizzes
  • And much more.

Every end user can access all learning contents at any time from a web browser – without additional plugins or installations. This allows users to repeat and consolidate what they learned in the face-to-face training independently and at their own pace.


Automatic creation of test scripts, training manuals, quick reference guides. Need we say more? datango performance suite helps you to easily create guidelines, manuals, process descriptions, PowerPoint presentations, job aids and many other formats at the click of a button.

Thanks to the true single-source approach and automatic recording functions, you can accelerate the creation of documents by up to 80% and keep your contents aligned to your current system at all times. You no longer have the problem of your documentation trying to keep up with your application. Documentation is always up to date and development times are even reduced. All documents can be automatically translated into roughly 40 languages and adapted to your corporate wording and design.

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